Hello, my name is Greg Bush, Jr, President & CEO at Greg Bush Enterprises, Inc. and KFA, Inc. Please allow me to share a bit about my story and the creation of PHAZE®.  

For 28 years my firm, KFA, Inc., has delivered solutions to help clients manage over $80 billion dollars of construction projects in the US and Canada. Recently, I developed this award-winning software which will power up to 250% more productivity in up to 50% less time at a fraction of the cost of conventional information systems. I specialize in delivering innovative and effective solutions for stakeholders of large, complex, and high-finance engineering and construction projects. 

I have culminated all my years of experience into this cloud solution that bridges the gap between “app store” software favored by millennials and commercial enterprise applications currently supported by baby boomers. By creating a low-cost, no consulting firm required solution that has the power of a robust enterprise platform, I have created a game changing strategy that will deliver value right out of the box. 


I currently hold a Master of Science in Information Technology degree. Harvard Business School is even currently writing a case study on my work. I have observed technological advancements since creating my first computer program at the age of thirteen from my home located on the southside of Chicago, IL. 

As access to the Internet and smart devices continues to diminish the digital divide, I believe that the cost and difficulty of entry for high-tech and high-finance information systems must also diminish. In fact, I have learned that Africa has the greatest digital divide of any continent. In March 2019, I participated in my first trade mission to East Africa to discover how I could assist businesspeople by utilizing our best practices in project delivery. The median age in Africa is 14 to 20 years old, according to The CIA World Factbook. I realized that I had to provide an affordable solution that could easily be implemented by businesspeople in their twenties that are currently developing nations. By diminishing the cost of business software across the globe, small entrepreneurs and developing African Nations will have equal opportunity to compete and effectively manage their endeavors. After traveling to East Africa and observing major business being conducted via cellphone text messaging apps, I knew that I had to act.  

I returned home and began seeking solutions for Africa and disadvantaged business enterprises here at home. Unfortunately, no U.S. based company was ready to participate in Africa. Delivering affordable solutions for minority entrepreneurs and developing African Nations is not the usual corporate goal. It simply was not on their roadmap. Therefore, I created my own solution, i.e., PHAZE®.  


PHAZE empowers users with easy-to-use Cloud-based collaborative technology. I made it financially feasible for as low as $5 per user per month. Furthermore, PHAZE resolves the million-dollar information systems budget requirement of the retiring baby boomers with a robust cloud solution for the millennials who are their successors. 

I returned to Nairobi, Kenya with PHAZE to revisit businesses that I had met with the prior year, and it was received with great gratitude. When the COVID-19 Pandemic struck, I pivoted PHAZE functionality by adding modules for any type of organization that conducts business. I took at home communications far beyond a video conference meeting. Now, rather than only delivering a solution for architects, engineers, contractors and facility managers, the benefits of PHAZE can be realized by any type of business seeking to manage tasks, projects, documents, workflows, and business analytics while providing project governance for business stakeholders. And with its cost of entry, PHAZE “Wows” everyone who sees it.  

Due to KFA’s work and the creation of PHAZE for Greg Bush Enterprises, Inc., in 2020 KFA won the award from the U.S. Department of Commerce for “Minority Innovative Technology Firm of the Year”. The acknowledgement from the United States government is one that I will always cherish, but I know my work is not complete. 

My mission is to eliminate the digital divide by providing an alternative to high-cost IT solutions that are impossible to implement by small to midsize companies and developing nations.  

Doing so will stimulate the growth of nations due to project governance and effective and efficient collaboration and the global exchange of information, knowledge and commerce with no consulting firm needed. PHAZE simply works.